New entrants to the mortgage broking industry with less than 2 years relevant finance & mortgage lending industry experience are required to have a mentor.

Industry bodies such as the Finance Brokers Association of Australia (FBAA) and Mortgage & Finance Association of Australia (MFAA) require that an applicant with less than 2 years proven experience in finance/mortgage broking (over the past five years), be nominated for membership by another member (or member’s representative) who undertakes to mentor (or ensure the mentoring of) the applicant (mentee) until they have had at least 2 years experience in their chosen field of broking or finance.

How do I obtain a Mentor?


At outsource financial, the success of our members is our success. outsource financial members get free access to our entire Professional Development Program.  Having been a finalist for Best Training and Education at the Australian Broking Awards, the outsource mentoring program knows how to provide you with the tools, support and knowledge to grow your business. Covering everything from compliance and lender updates, through to workshop debates on key industry issues, we have worked hard to develop a Mentoring Program that caters to the varying needs of Mortgage Consultants today.

On top of that, outsource has built relationships with the industry’s leading education providers such as Australis College and AAMC Training Group.

Do I have to pay for my mentoring?

NO, once you join outsource financial you have mentoring, support tools, compliance systems and ongoing training at no extra charge!  Our mantra is – Education is Empowerment!

The outsource financial team have a wide range of skills including finance, training, HR, Customer Service and most of the team have industry experience of over 15 years.  outsource financial’s mentoring provides new-to-industry entrants with all the tools and the knowledge they need to be successful as a professional mortgage consultant. Our mentoring services are built into our membership platform and can be customised to your individual needs depending upon your prior experience, aptitude and individual goals.

The vast majority of our members are successful business owners in affiliated fields such as accounting, financial planning, legal, conveyancing and real estate whose competence and background is highly favourable to becoming skilled in mortgage writing.

Is Mentoring Compulsory?

Mentoring and support services are built into our membership platform however mentoring is NOT a legislative requirement under NCCP for Credit Representatives.  Industry bodies however, such as FBAA and MFAA have imposed their own mentoring requirements for new members. Furthermore, outsource believe the availability of resources and support is crucial in ensuring our members remain compliant and create successful multi-facetted businesses.

Some of the benefits experienced by existing outsource financial mortgage consultants are:

  • It secures their current client base by ensuring their clients have access to a full range of services and do not have to seek outside suppliers/mortgage consultants.
  • It ensures that their clients’ lending and gearing needs are not ignored in the financial/tax planning process.
  • It provides diversification of existing income streams to balance out market and seasonal fluctuations.
  • Trailing commission provides an ongoing passive income, which is a saleable asset that increases the value of their practice.

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