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Outsource offer a comprehensive range of complimentary marketing templates and services to assist you in growing your business including:


  • Letters
  • Flyers
  • Brochures
  • Phone Scripts
  • Editorial Ideas
  • “Message on Hold” scripts
  • Email signatures to promote different products and services
  • Information sheets designed to support client’s understanding of finance concepts
  • …. and much more.

All templates are customisable and can be branded with the Members logo.

Borrowers Guide Bookshelf – This is an educational tool for our Referring Members and Loan Writer’s clientele. The bookshelf includes – Borrowers Guide to Lending, Borrowers Guide to Construction, Borrowers Guide to Owning Your First Home and the recently created Guide to Motor Vehicle and Equipment Finance. These booklets are available in Print and PDF versions.

Growing Your Business Strategy Modules – Education and Training of members is focused around the business side of their operation not limited to but including human resources, strategy planning, branding, value propositions, process efficiency, marketing and much more.


KIT (Keep in Touch) is outsource financial’s affordable Automatic Marketing Service which will allow you to keep in touch with your clients without having to do the work yourself.

KIT can help retain your existing customers and protect your trail, encourages reviews and could attract new customers to your door.