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outsource Financial’s mantra is ‘education is empowerment’ – we strongly believe in the power of education and continual development. Our training and education programs help you build a multi-faceted business and deliver quality service to your clients.

In addition to this, something we are very passionate about are our complimentary mentoring programs to all outsource Members. Our comprehensive mentoring programs are for both residential and commercial channels and are well-regarded within the industry.

New Entrant Mentoring Program

It is our passion and responsibility as mentors, to provide training and support to brokers with less than two years’ experience in the mortgage industry. We do this through our New Entrant Mentoring Program which is a comprehensive, structured program. Sessions are held monthly and are designed to equip you with a strong foundation and the skills required to not only be a successful mortgage broker, but also a successful business owner.

Commercial Mentoring Program

If you are interested in learning about writing commercial, we have designed a structured program whereby through content review, peer-driven workshops and Lender Partner interaction, participants gain a more holistic understanding of commercial lending process. These modules are also held monthly.

National Webinars

These are held fortnightly and provide a wonderful opportunity for Members to receive updates in the comfort of their office. In collaboration with our Lender Partners, the webinars cover a broad range of topics and educational content.


Keeping true to our mantra, we offer a weekly education program designed to assist our Members to improve their business practices.

Broken down into three distinct themes; compliance best practices, technical skills and business owner upskilling, these sessions are designed as hour-long learning opportunities to enhance and further your development.

BYOC (Bring Your Own Cuppa)

Usually held every month, these virtual coffee clusters provide an intimate learning environment whereby Members can expand their product and policy knowledge with their dedicated Lender BDMs right in the comfort of your own home.

Lender Days

Held nationally, twice a year, Lender Days are an excellent opportunity to build relationships with your local Lender BDMs, whilst getting an overview of niches and update of any recent changes.

Fraud & Compliance Workshop

Each broker under outsource must attend a minimum of ONE session per year in order to stay up-to-date with the ever-changing environment of our industry.

This workshop is designed to give Members updated knowledge, legislation, processes and tools to use in order to protect them and their businesses.

Professional Strategy Days

outsource holds ‘PS Days’ one-two times a year, depending on which month our Summit/Convention falls in.

These sessions focus solely on professional development and strategic planning for Members, to assist in the strengthening and growth of their business’.

Summit/Business Enhancer Tour

These events are held every second year, in the years that we do not have a Convention scheduled.

Like our Conventions, these events are packed with high-level educational sessions that are a perfect blend of industry knowledge, professional development and strategic business planning.


Similar to a conference, however what sets outsource Conventions apart from the rest, is an optimum balance of educational development, business skills, exciting events and free time! outsource Financial holds a Convention biennially.

CEO Catch Up

Our CEO likes to keep in contact with our Members, both new and existing. Throughout the year, Tanya will visit our states and regions, and invite members to join her and the relevant State Manager for a High Tea and catch up.


‘Take a Seat, with Tanya’ is an opportunity to have an open forum, digital Q&A session with the CEO of outsource financial, Tanya Sale. This webinar session is held every two months and enables Members to ask questions, and receive candid and transparent answers.