outsource Financial is an award-winning national aggregator group that delivers a premium offering to brokers and referrers, with a variety of business models.

The Outsource story

Having worked for many years in the Banking and Finance industry, our CEO Tanya Sale, wanted to make a difference in the third party mortgage sector, so utilising models she created over the past decade, she set out to change the way lending was conducted in this country.

She could see that the professional services sector (i.e. Planners, Accountants, Legal, etc.) would see mortgage broking as a logical diversification bolt onto their core business and provide further value to their customers.

During this time, many Aggregators were being bought or partially bought out by major banks and Tanya could see the importance of an independent alternative for mortgage brokers, unlike any other Aggregator in the market.

Creating three unique business models for brokers and referrers, Tanya Sale in partnership with Andrea Tassis, established outsource Financial on the 1st of April, 2010. It was the beginning of “The New Era”.

Since that time, outsource has grown from a boutique aggregator, focused on delivering lending to the professional sector services to a large, multi-award-winning aggregator; all the while staying true to our core values:






Message from our CEO

Life is full of challenges within the financial services industry. For many of us, building a successful lending business and making sure all the processes and systems are in place can be a daunting process. As a member of outsource Financial you can be assured that our team will make this exciting step simple and manageable.

Members of outsource Financial are treated as our business partners. Through our award winning ieducate programs our Members are equipped with the knowledge, tools and resources to run successful, sustainable businesses.  

As a proactive aggregator, we offer a dedicated team of experts to assist you at both the state and national levels. Our comprehensive services include compliance, marketing, and industry-leading relationship management. With an onboarding team there to assist you with getting started and on-the-ground support, we empower you to achieve your goals effectively.

We are not owned by a banking institution, wealth management group or an insurance body. I am passionate and proud to be able to offer brokers an independently owned Aggregator alternative, with a reputation for building strong relationships and offering consistent support to all our Members.

~ Tanya Sale

Non-bank owned

outsource Financial is not owned by a banking institution, wealth management group or an insurance body; we are independently owned and operated. This means we have no ties to a particular product or loan provider, which reaffirms the integrity of your business, as it allows you to unequivocally present impartial product comparisons to your clients.

In addition to this, being independently owned and operated also means we have the flexibility to build our culture around what our Members value and what will most benefit their business strategy and aspirations.

Your business partner

We believe the role of a Mortgage Aggregator is to add value and enhance brokers as business owners, to ensure they have the knowhow and acumen to operate efficient, successful and ethically engendered businesses. Therefore, we see ourselves more as your business partner.

As a business partner, outsource Financial aims to empower our members through support, understanding needs, and most importantly, delivering solutions.

Business Optimisation

Our team work with members on a broad range of business training, including but not limited to; creating a business plan if there is not already one in place, establishing a value proposition, understanding cash flow predictions, effective loan processing, troubleshooting, quality customer service and retention strategies.

Marketing Content

We understand that sourcing and/or writing content can be time consuming; a luxury not many of you have an abundance of. We have our own in-house content writer and offer fresh, complimentary content for you (and ultimately your clients), every six weeks in line with the RBA Update. We have also partnered with ActivePipe, for those who prefer to outsource majority of the marketing process.

Consumer Education

Consumer education is of the utmost importance in our current environment, as regulatory bodies are looking to us as an industry to raise the bar of customer-knowledge. In addition to this, and just as importantly, brokers have a responsibility to keep in touch with clients, as they rely on you to update them on topical and relevant information about the ever-changing environment. We provide you with the tools to achieve this.

Ongoing Training & Upskilling

We constantly build new training and education programs to ensure our members receive the most topical and relevant information. We understand that the nature of being a broker lends itself to last minute meetings or urgent phone calls, therefore we record all national sessions so that you are able to engage in learning at times suitable to your schedule.

Loans Processing Service

xSource is the loan processing service that is part of our software provider, Saletrekker. xSource is a cost effective loan processing specialist who has been processing Australian loans for over 11 years, is secured by the highest network security software and holds ISO 27001:2013 status. Offering a loans processing service means our Members have more time to focus on strengthening and growing their business.

The outsource Hub

‘The outsource Hub’ is a fully equipped modern and dynamic business centre and training facility, located in the Inner West of Sydney, NSW. We offer the usage of this centre to our members as a complimentary, shared, professional space in which you can conduct business with co-workers, clients, and/or individually.

Recording & Film Studio

Our studio is a space we have created, allowing members low-cost access to a professionally equipped facility, for filming. Whether it be for a promotional video, a snippet for social media platforms or a full TVC advertisement. We have the premises and means to assist you.

PANEL diversity

outsource Financial allows its accredited mortgage brokers access to an extensive panel of lenders; across various channels including residential, commercial, asset, motor vehicle and equipment finance, personal, private funding and insurances.

The panel consists of all the major lenders, second and third tier lenders, and a selection of specialist loan providers to allow you the ability to search for the best products to suit your clients’ needs.

Award Winning

outsource Financial is a multi-award winning national mortgage aggregator